Towie School Bowling

July 2023

UDBC were pleased to host some of the pupils and their families from the school to the bowling green to try bowls ‘for real’.


They were supported by members of the club and refreshments were provided by Mr Girdwood.  The pupils continued to have fun even when the heavens opened!  We hope to repeat the event in the future.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and those who helped out.


23 February 2023

Our long-discussed initiative to introduce the young children in the area to lawn bowls has begun.

We have established a link between Towie School, the indoor bowling club and UDBC to offer the pupils at the school fun bowling related activities in Towie Hall on Thursday afternoons.


The Headteacher, Mr Girdwood, enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to provide another enrichment activity for the pupils.


Supported by Stuart Strachan, who sets up the mats and members of UDBC, the first session was a success. We look forward to the next one.


Once the indoor bowling season finishes, the plan is to take pupils to the outdoor bowling green to further develop their skills and build on the enthusiasm of the pupils.

9 March 2023

We had another great session with pupils from Towie School. It was good to see them all take part with loads of enthusiasm and some having a go with ‘real’ bowls. Thanks to Ken for getting the school involved, Derek for putting down the mats – a big job for one person, and Callum for his expertise coaching!

16 March 2023

Another great session with the pupils of Towie School. The activities focussed on being accurate and bowling with more control. With one, they had to get their bowls as close to the yellow ball as possible. With the other, they had to score as much as possible. This one involved a bit of maths as the holes and the skittles were numbered and they had to either add or multiply the numbers.

It was good to see how much the pupils concentrated on becoming more accurate and how good their maths skills are. Even Mr Girdwood is getting better – at bowls!